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Day Care Center
‘Die Hirtenkinder’

Stadtfelddamm 66
30625 Hannover
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Phone:+49 511 5325413
Fax: +49 511 5329884

Application Times:
Wed.,14:00 – 16:00
Thur.,9:00 – 11:00

Opening Hours:
Mon. – Fri., 7:00 – 18:00


of ‘Die Hirtenkinder e. V.’

§ 1 Name and Registered Address
  1. The association bears the name ‘Die Hirtenkinder e.V.’ according to the entry in the Associations' Register.
  2. The association is registered in Hannover
  3. The accounting year corresponds to the calendar year.
§ 2 The Purpose
  1. The association is independent of political parties and religion.
  2. The association solely and directly pursues charitable objectives as defined in the ‘tax-privileged objectives’ chapter of the German fiscal code.
  3. The aim and purpose of the association is the establishment of childcare places for children and the provision of appropriate supervision for standard purposes.
  4. The association is further prepared to train trainees, as far as reasonably possible. The association endeavours to help and advise other groups in the development and establishment of children's groups with similar aims.
§ 3 The charitable status
  1. The association is a charitable organisation. Its primary interest is not to pursue its own commercial advantage.
  2. Association funds may only be used for purposes described in the constitution. Members may not receive financial benefits from association funds.
  3. No person may benefit from expenditures that are unrelated to the purposes of the organisation, or through inappropriately high reimbursements.
  4. In the event of the dissolution or annulment of the association, or the lapsing of its previous purposes, the property of the association, in accordance with the final discharge of liabilities, becomes the property of the Kinderhospiz Aegidiushaus Hannover.
§ 4 Membership
  1. Members of the Parents' Initiative Hirtenkinder e.V. are:
    • ordinary members
    • honorary members
    • sponsoring members.
  2. Every natural adult person and legal entity that recognises the constitution can be a member of the association.
  3. The application for membership must be sent to the association in writing. The executive committee decides on the application.
  4. Honorary membership can be granted to persons who have made outstanding contributions to the Hirtenkinder e.V. Honorary members are elected at a general meeting by a simple majority. The honorary members elected at a general meeting do not have to pay membership fees.
  5. Sponsoring members must declare themselves ready to support the efforts of the association to the best of their abilities in order to be accepted. A sponsoring member can also be a legal entity or a group of individuals.
  6. Membership requires the aims of the association to be actively supported and promoted.
  7. Membership ends:
    • upon death
    • upon leaving the association, only, however, following a notice period of 4 weeks before the end of the quarter
    • upon exclusion from the association, if the continuation of the membership would seriously damage the interests of the association. Prior to exclusion the affected member has the opportunity to provide a statement in person or in writing. Exclusion from the association can follow a decision by a general meeting. The decision regarding exclusion must be justified to the member in writing.
  8. Fees
    • Every member is required to pay fees. The amount and frequency of payment is set at a general meeting. Fees are calculated annually. If the association is joined after 30th of June only half of the annual fees must be paid.
    • The membership fees are to be paid in advance yearly by the 15th of January each year. In the year of joining the association the fees are to be paid within one month of receiving the letter of acceptance into the association.
    • If members leave or are excluded, or if the association is dissolved, no refunds of membership fees, donations or other contributions can be claimed.
  9. Association funds may only be used according to the aims stated in the constitution. The members receive no payments as such from association funds. The activities of all association members are voluntary and will not be remunerated, except for those of the employed teachers and teaching assistants. Only monetary expenditures will be reimbursed.
  10. No person may benefit from expenditures which are counter to the aims of the association, or from disproportionately high reimbursement.
§ 5 The Administrative Bodies of the Association
  1. The administrative bodies of the association are:
    • the executive committee
    • the general meeting.
§ 6 The Offices of the Association
  1. The association officers are volunteers.
  2. The executive committee consists of
    • 1st chairperson
    • 2nd chairperson and
    • treasurer together
    • one representative from the parents' association as well as
    • one representative from the educational staff
    • one employee appointed by the MHH, without voting rights.
    The executive committee in the sense of § 26 of the German Civil Code consists of the 1st chairperson, the 2nd chairperson and the treasurer. Each of them has the individual right to represent the association.
  3. The executive committee also has the right to delegate authority to a third party.
  4. The executive committee is elected for a term of 2 years in a general meeting. Re-election is permitted.
  5. The executive committee remains in office until a new election has taken place.
  6. If a member of the executive committee resigns during a term of office, the executive committee elects a replacement member until the next general meeting when the post will be filled.
  7. Auditor: An auditor is elected at the same time as the executive committee, and is not a member of the executive committee. The term of office is two years. The auditor is entitled and obligated to monitor the accounts every quarter.
§ 7 General Meeting
  1. The general meeting is the highest administrative body of the association. It consists of all members of the association.
  2. Ordinary general meetings take place at least once a year. Invitations are sent in writing or by e-mail at least four weeks in advance and include the agenda. Extraordinary general meetings may be called at any time by the executive committee or if one third of the members request it in writing.
  3. Every general meeting convened according to the regulations is quorate.
  4. Each member has one vote. Unless stated otherwise by law or in the constitution, all resolutions are passed by a simple majority of votes from those present. Abstainers are not counted.
  5. A member of the executive committee chairs the meeting. The resolutions are recorded in the minutes, which must be signed by the chair and the recorder of the minutes.
  6. The general meeting must perform the following tasks in particular:
    • Acceptance of the annual report and accounts from the executive committee
    • Election and discharge of the executive committee
    • Setting the amount and frequency of membership fees
    • Passing resolutions concerning motions and all other items on the agenda
    • Changing the constitution
    • Passing resolutions concerning the dissolution of the association.
§ 8 Changes to the Constitution and the Dissolution of the Association
  1. The constitution can be altered by a two-thirds majority of votes of those present at a general meeting. A change in purpose can only be decided with the approval of all members.
  2. Dissolving the association requires a two-thirds majority of votes of those present. The dissolution can only be decided at a general meeting at which the motion to dissolve the association is stated in the invitation.
  3. As long as no particular liquidators are appointed following a dissolution resolution, the members of the executive committee act in pairs as liquidators on behalf of the association.
§ 9 Liability for voluntary work
  1. Members who are performing voluntary work for the parents' initiative on behalf of the executive committee or by order of the general meeting are not liable for damages caused by simple negligence. Similarly, the costs of damage through slight negligence, which in the course of activities of the volunteer occur to his own property or to the property of the parents' initiative, are compensated by the parents' initiative. The executive committee of the parents' initiative, in a quorate form according to § 6 of the constitution, decides on applications for compensation and determines the degree of negligence and therefore the associated indemnity in specific cases. Minutes of the decision will be recorded. The executive committee can decide to seek legal help to establish the facts of the situation. The affected party remains free to pursue legal measures to contest the decision or to determine the amount of compensation to be claimed.
§ 10 Legal Validity
  1. This constitution came into force upon its acceptance by the general meeting on 01.08.2007.

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